November 7, 2018

Newsletter 8

Finishing touches are underway and the distinctive “purple pipe” used for “reclaimed water” is now in place for Vista Canyon’s new Water Factory. Vista Canyon is one of the first new California communities to have its own onsite water reclamation plant. The energy efficient, state-of-the-art water facility forms a central component in the community’s plan for a “Net Zero” goal in terms of water usage.

Water treated at the factory will be recycled and delivered via “purple pipe” to provide for 100 percent all of the community’s non-potable water uses including open spaces, landscaping, community garden and neighborhood parks. Environmentally sensitive and resourceful, this important service will eventually be extended by the local water agency to surrounding areas of the eastern Santa Clarita Valley.

Once the facility is completed, JSB Development will initiate a months-long certification and operation process. After all government approvals and inspections are complete, the City of Santa Clarita will take possession of the facility and assume its operations.

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