A community great for all types of businesses


A Main Street full of shops and restaurants


Local hotel that makes visitors feel like insiders

master plan by johnson fain

Johnson Fain, the firm responsible for Vista Canyon’s master plan, has a distinguished portfolio that includes Beijing’s Central Business District, Dreamworks Studios, Mission Bay, Doha New District, Disney Studios and more.

Johnson Fain and Gensler have created open and innovative floor plans that provide inspiration and flexibility for today’s workforce – and for the businesses that make their home here. Vista Canyon’s office spaces are designed to create a new kind of balance for a new kind of work life.

Bringing the same leading design sensibilities and expertise to Vista Canyon, these firms are essential partners in making our community a global reference point for modern planning and design. In Vista Canyon, life meets work seamlessly so that you can make the most of both.

A new way to work. a new way to live.

Vista Canyon was designed to be a truly innovative place in terms of architecture and urban planning: walkable, transit-oriented and environmentally sensitive. Living, working, shopping and recreation areas are all close to each other, helping to create a sense of small-town community among the people who live and work here. And the plan’s respect for Vista Canyon’s surroundings helps create a meaningful connection to nature.


Building a legacy

Vista Canyon is a flurry of construction, with one creative building complete and ready to lease in the new community. Vista Canyon’s new 480-home apartment homes are under construction and on schedule, as well as the 245 detached homes. The architecture is meant to highlight Santa Clarita’s natural beauty and the future landscaping will utilize drought-tolerant plants that mimic the natural surroundings.



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