February 26, 2020

Vista Canyon was founded on a commitment to environmental sustainability starting from day one and we have integrated it into every step of our development process. True sustainability more than just reducing, recycling and reusing. We take a holistic standpoint when it comes to sustainability – reducing our carbon footprint while using walkways that make our community healthier in every sense of the word. Social sustainability means living better and living as a community. The Vista Canyon Metrolink station will keep cars off the road, easing traffic and reducing greenhouse gasses. But public transportation does more than lower our carbon footprint. It brings people together and helps keep users active. For those who choose to drive, Vista Canyon plans to have 120+ EV stations, easily accessible, making the community sustainable and forward-thinking.

Our community garden keeps our food local and our bodies nourished and with 280+ sunny days a year, it’s not surprising that Vista Canyon features solar-served Class A space for office use. Solar panels throughout the area help work towards Vista Canyon’s net-zero energy (NZE) goal. Vista Canyon’s Water Recycling Plant recycles 400,000 gallons of water per day, providing more than enough water for the entire Vista Canyon project. A thorough system of pipes brings the recycled water to all corners of the community.

When Vista Canyon approaches sustainability we look at the whole picture. Environmental and social sustainability work hand-in-hand. Our community protects and celebrates our natural resources while helping all those who live, work and recreate here make the best of every day.

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