November 7, 2018

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow…

Oak trees have been an important part of Santa Clarita Valley’s pastoral beauty for generations. The site of Vista Canyon plays a significant role in the area’s history and hosts a number of the Valley’s evergreen Coast Live Oaks and deciduous Valley Oaks throughout the landscape. Vista Canyon has integrated a long-term preservation and expansion plan for oaks on the property as part of its commitment to sustainable development and environmental responsibility.

The project presently hosts a temporary nursery to house and care for fifteen just-delivered, mature oaks — Coast Live Oaks and Valley Oaks — as they wait for permanent planting in Vista Canyon. Special care was taken in transporting the grove of “specimen” trees. The significant size, distinctive branching patterns and fullness of these majestic trees will create several landscape focal points throughout Vista Canyon’s parks, green spaces, gathering spots, community entries and traffic circles.

The 15 new trees join the numerous protected heritage and smaller oaks that have long flourished on the property. An additional 250 trees will be added throughout the community as development continues.

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