September 26, 2022

Vista Canyon is excited to welcome Escrow Officer, Eliset Martinez to our Gensler building offices…and our residences!

Having worked in the escrow industry for 20+ years, Eliset Martinez was ready to launch her own company, but she struggled to find a space that truly suited her in Los Angeles. After numerous fruitless searches that came up short, she happened upon Vista Canyon again and again. 

As a designer herself, Martinez was intrigued by the opportunity to create her own spec suite from scratch to match her precise requirements. Together with our Vista Canyon team, Martinez has developed an office that is as functional as it is appealing, and she can’t wait to open its doors to clients soon. Having worked hard over the years to launch her own business, creating the right office environment to serve her clients was Martinez’s paramount goal. Vista Canyon is proud to have created an office suitable to launch her into our community… and beyond.

A few months after Martinez decided to relocate her business to Vista Canyon, and seeing the development progress with each visit, she realized the opportunity for not just a business, but a life here. “After seeing the whole plan for and unfolding of the project, I knew I had to change plans and move here,” Martinez shared with us. As a single mother and soon-to-be empty nester, she found a living space that worked for her lifestyle and now resides in one of our beautiful apartments. “I live harmoniously,” Martinez says about her new commute – which now consists of crossing the street! “Being able to walk across the street for work or walk home for a quick break is priceless.” Martinez is among the first to take advantage of the live/work/play opportunities Vista Canyon offers.

With new spaces filling every day, Vista Canyon apartments are a stone-throw from our main office, and the future creative campus. With a growing, vibrant community, new apartments and all the other amenities Vista Canyon offers, Martinez shared that she feels right at home. Starting a new business in a new location is no easy feat, but she feels the community itself is such a welcoming place where she can not only build her credibility, but build a life around both her clients and new fellow residents and friends. 

With clients eager to see her new space, Martinez hopes to open doors to all new opportunities for Vista Canyon residents, and beyond. Her passion for, and experience in, the real estate industry will help foster a new level of excellence in escrow services for our community. Looking to take the industry to a new level by combining leading technology innovations and personalized services, Martinez brings a welcome, shared spirit of new opportunities to raise the bar at Vista Canyon. 

For Eliset Martinez, it is all about community and service — knowing your neighbors, building your network, experiencing every opportunity and welcoming all to her soon-to-be-open office. Whether you are looking for a new escrow officer, new office or new home, now you need look no further than Vista Canyon!


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