Serious about sustainability.

From design to construction to ongoing operation, Vista Canyon is designed to respect the environment, protect the river and the oaks that make this place so special and to minimize its carbon footprint. Complying with regulations is just the beginning. The team behind Vista Canyon is also taking a number of voluntary measures to improve the community’s water conservation, energy efficiency, renewable use and alternative transit options. Vista Canyon is also committed to supporting the State of California’s landmark mandate, which seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 28.5 percent below 2020’s projected levels using improvements in building design, water use and transportation efficiencies.

A new Water Factory, part of the community’s comprehensive sustainability program, will create a recycled water supply to serve Vista Canyon and surrounding areas. Two-thirds of the recycled water created will be utilized in the future by Castaic Lake Water Agency as part of their east side recycled water program.