“Car Optional” Commute In Progress
Posted on 3/4/2022

The Metrolink Station and Bus Transfer Station are taking shape and well on their way to bringing our community convenient, public access to anywhere, any time… and that much closer to our vision of a singularly accessible and sustainable community. The station will take passengers south through Burbank to the Los Angeles Union Station in under one hour and will run northeast to Lancaster, connecting residents to seven rail lines offering residents and visitors alike a true “car optional” lifestyle.

Sustainable design has been integral to this project. With shade structures, a bioswale designed to naturally filter rain and runoff from the bus station and purple pipe, our community is the first location in Santa Clarita to utilize recycled water for landscape irrigation.

This undertaking for Vista Canyon has been in partnership with the city through federal and state grants. The Bus station is substantially complete, and the Metrolink Station has planned completion for Summer ‘23. Both our larger community and Vista Canyon are unified in our goal of a traffic and transit smart lifestyle that sustainably so that you can drive less, and travel more.