January 20, 2021

According to Gensler’s U.S. Work from Home Survey, the main reason people look forward to being back in the office is to interact with colleagues and peers. This stresses the importance of designing workplaces where culture, innovation and organic interaction are fostered. During the pandemic, we learned that remote work offers many benefits but since face-to-face interaction is what drives people back to the office it makes sense to focus specifically on supporting those interactions that cannot happen remotely.

At the same time, safety and health must be first priority. Planning for the new normal will require strategic design and flexible solutions that can easily be tailored to specific needs. Lightweight, flexible furniture and surfaces that can be easily sanitized will help meet the new standards.

Technology will also play a vital role in keeping the workspace safe: motion lights and sensors, touch-less technology and AV systems controllable via smartphones are only some of the options discussed to enhance control and safety in the workplace.

Vista Canyon’s 57,000 square foot, Gensler-designed creative building offers modern spaces with operable windows, high ceilings, balconies and outdoor lounges to create a healthy and state-of-the-art work environment.

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