January 28, 2021

According to S&P Global, ‘the age of social distancing may also come to be known as the beginning of a suburban revival in the U.S. office market.’

One might argue that this trend was in motion before the age of social distancing but there is no doubt that it has been accelerated by the pandemic. With increased opportunity to work from home, space has become a valuable commodity and more people want to benefit from a better quality of life while taking advantage of the lower cost of living in the suburbs. 

Even after the pandemic, it is likely that more people will adopt a hybrid work model, continuing to work from home and visiting the office just a few days each week. With more people moving to the suburbs it’s only logical that there is an increased demand for suburban office space, particularly in walkable locations and in close proximity to retail.

Vista Canyon has been designed with the intention of creating a truly innovative space in terms of architecture and urban planning: walkable, transit-oriented and environmentally sensitive. Living, working, shopping and recreation areas are all close to each other, helping to create a sense of small-town community among the people who live and work here, combining the best of city and suburban life.

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