February 6, 2020

Millennials are moving to smaller cities not only for more affordable living, but also for the greater sense of community they provide. Cities like Santa Clarita offer a more approachable, neighborhood-oriented version of urban living. Since 2010 smaller cities have seen their millennial populations grow by 10 percent or more, according to Curbed, a real estate blog. Over the last three decades, each cohort of adults has become more urban than the last. Overall, millennial adults prefer urban areas and lifestyles. As millennials grow older and are starting their own families, however, they are looking for communities that have the perks of urban living with the affordability, space and amenities of suburban life. Smaller cities fit the bill. They still offer social density and cultural variety while also being more walkable with mixed-use neighborhoods. In this way they are no different than many earlier generational cohorts — but these earlier generations didn’t have the best of both worlds available at Vista Canyon.

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