September 26, 2022

Vista Canyon had the pleasure of hosting this year’s SCV Day, Block Party and Street Festival. Created by the Rotary Club, the event raises funds for youth on the brink of homelessness. Independent businesses and pop-ups set up stands to sell their merchandise. Their efforts bring the community together and raise awareness for at-risk youth who may be living in cars, hotel rooms, multi-family dwellings or come from low-income families and are at risk of losing a permanent place to live. 

There is a large disparity between youth receiving care that close to homelessness and their peers. Event organizer and Rotary Club chair, Jason Downs noted in The Signal, “What we’re hoping to do with this is just be one more voice in the community that is letting them know they’re not alone. You know, you’ve got support, you have a community, you know what I mean? And that’s really what we’re trying to be as a Rotary club to these people, and build that relationship with these students as well.” 

Vista Canyon is honored to be a part of this event and thanks all who attended. We look forward to SCV Day 2023. 


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