February 19, 2020

Parents looking for a safe and engaging place to raise their children need to look no farther than Santa Clarita. The city consistently ranks as one of the best and most affordable places to raise a family with outstanding, award-winning schools and easy access to nature.

Housing costs remain within reach, especially as home prices in nearby Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley continue to skyrocket. Families can enjoy beautiful and spacious homes without having to surrender urban amenities and neighborhood spirit. The city offers exceptional restaurants, cultural events and trails all while maintaining a feeling of safety, trust and community.

When it’s time for kids to blow off some steam, Santa Clarita is a great place for children to indulge in their wild side — safely. Kids can jump, run and swim to their heart’s delight year-round! More than 100 miles of Santa Clarita Valley walking, biking and equestrian trails allow for unlimited exploration, helping kids and families stay mentally and physically healthy.

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