May 11, 2021

Vista Canyon is designed to respect the environment and leverage its natural context. We encourage sustainable practices that limit the impact on the environment by pairing energy-efficient design solutions with renewable energy sources and are working towards our net-zero energy goal.

With more than 280 days of sunshine a year, the power of the sun is one aspect that greatly influences the design of the Gensler-designed office and retail building. The balconies on the top two floors provide relief from the direct sunlight of the westerly elevation. The southwest facade features wide concrete corridors that keep the circulation external while providing shade for the window front of the ground level. Exterior stairs wrapped in image-perforated panels tie the two levels together, providing for vertical circulation. The roof of the building will feature solar panels to harness sunlight and the thoughtful window placement helps with natural lighting and ventilation. A steel canopy not only serves as a dramatic design element but also provides natural protection from the sun. 

Large, operable windows, open balcony walkways and open gathering spaces allow employees to enjoy the Southern California climate while at work. Connected via its extensive trail system and walkways, Vista Canyon’s 11-acre park is only a few steps away and invites you to enjoy your lunch break outdoors or take a stroll to stimulate body and mind. Take a virtual tour and discover the Gensler-designed office building from the comfort of your home. Click Here

For irrigation Vista Canyon’s Water Factory provides a sustainable solution and the use of native landscaping helps to keep the overall water consumption low while affording shade for recreation. Vista Canyon has net-zero water usage and our Water Factory serves as a central component of the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency’s comprehensive recycled water system. 

Vista Canyon is the first community in Santa Clarita created to be strictly ‘car optional’. The Santa Clarita location affords extensive working, living and recreational opportunities within walking and biking distance, along with a state-of-the-art public transport system including a Bus Transfer Center and a Metrolink commuter rail station. High walkability and public transportation availability not only help the environment but also create a sense of connection and community between the people living and working here. Our multi-use trail even provides access for our nearby horse owners.

Vista Canyon’s office and retail building was designed by Gensler, an architecture firm renowned for notable residential, commercial and mixed-use developments and their focus on smart, sustainable design principles. Learn more about Gensler’s sustainability outlook here: Gensler Climate Action Through Design 




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