March 24, 2022

New Vista Canyon Monument Signage has now been installed, announcing our presence as stewards of nature while welcoming all to our growing community. These metal entryway monuments reflect the natural hallmarks of our community, and coupled with the engraved leaf detail, demonstrate our connection with and preservation of the natural world. This is the story of Vista Canyon – a community that brings residents, workers and visitors alike closer to natural beauty and recreation.

The leaf symbol in Vista Canyon’s identity system reflects our appreciation of nature — in preserving proximity and access, in creating new ways to enjoy nature and responsibly developing our community with sustainability in mind. Walk, bike or even ride your horse through miles of trails developed and connected to our community and beyond. Park your bike and let the kids play on one of our many playgrounds or grab a racket yourself and play a match on the tennis courts enjoying the great outdoors. The opportunities to both enjoy, experience and immerse in nature are endless.

From inception, Vista Canyon has focused on sustainable ways to develop our community. Our water treatment facility recycles and reuses water that would otherwise be wasted and reflects our commitment to sustainability reflected in the natural elements we incorporate into our identity system. From water recycling to solar power, from trails to transit, our goal is nothing short of pioneering a responsible community that creates a new, better way to live and work.

These new landmark signs now serve as prominent and instantly recognizable symbols of Vista Canyon’s progress and bright future ahead.

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