April 19, 2019

Speaking about Vista Canyon, Gensler architect Li Wen said, “In architecture, we talk about placemaking as the act of creating a space that is imbued with a type of collective memory and promise so as to render it impossible for that space to be anywhere else.”

The goal? Community spaces that reflect the needs, culture and personality of its people with the perfect balance of the local history, urban charm and modern amenities. But placemaking is not solely about design and planning solutions. It is about creating community solutions that make it unlike any other place. We’re working hand-in-hand with members of the neighborhood throughout all phases of a project to gain critical insight, feedback and support of stakeholders.

The new retail center and public areas at Vista Canyon plan to seize opportunities to incorporate community spaces as activity centers and as venues for local performances and community events. Such spaces can help the community satisfy needs that have gone unmet and ensure that the retail center becomes a vital and integral part of the neighborhood.

As any retailer today knows, simply selling products isn’t enough to create a thriving retail environment anymore. Retail experiences have to start by giving shoppers a compelling reason to gather, whether that’s a free climbing clinic from an outdoors store or a film festival in the green space. Not only do such events attract the local community into stores, but they also build social connections and establish retailers as active and essential participants in the community.

By understanding the community and its needs, Vista Canyon will become much more than another retail center – but a local destination for residents, employees and visitors alike.

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