July 5, 2018

Conceptual rendering

Conceptual rendering

Construction on Vista Canyon Park, an inviting 10-acre complex of oaks, trails, local history and recreational amenities, will begin before the end of 2018. Conveniently located next to the community’s residential neighborhoods, the park will be home to River House, a facility for education, activities and banquets. Visitors will be able to learn the stories of the first homesteaders on the property, view related artifacts and explore important natural resources of the land including the nearby Santa Clara River. The park is the site of the Mitchell Family Adobe, the first home of pioneer Thomas Mitchell and his wife Martha and the first schoolhouse in the Santa Clarita Valley. River House will be available for community meetings and private banquets and will be operated by the City of Santa Clarita.

The park will also offer many fun and varied opportunities for visitors to work their bodies as well as their minds. Three public tennis courts, a half-court basketball court and Vista Canyon’s 10-mile network of pedestrian and bike paths will provide an “anytime of day” run, ride or round of play! And a covered children’s play area will assure younger park-goers have a shady place for fun.

The park’s convenient location next to residential neighborhoods will be a quick walk from the community’s employment and transit centers making lunchtime workouts a breeze!

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