Young couple looking out their brand new apartment
More vibe. Less hassle.

Vista Canyon’s 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, ideally located near Town Square, are perfect for enjoying the buzz of urban living without the big-city stress.

Walk or bike to work in Town Square or Vista Canyon’s beautiful Corporate Office Campus. Your favorite sidewalk café, all sorts of trendy hangouts and a thriving community garden are right around the corner. The flow of people passing by gives the place a funky village feel. There’s always a great new concert or event coming up.

Vista Canyon’s for-lease apartments feature the latest in design, conveniences and amenities like fitness rooms, swimming pools and spacious common areas.

And when you do want total tranquility? You can always take a quick stroll to the 10-acre park and the national forest is a short hike or bike ride away.

For-lease apartment homes located next to main office/retail street.